The Library is very much a work in progress. The list below is preparatory, with much more to come.

David Abram

Tom Brown, Jr.

William Catton

Bruce D. Charlton

Mark Nathan Cohen

Christopher Cokinos

Loren Cordain

  • Plant-animal subsistence ratios and macronutrient energy estimations in worldwide hunter-gatherer diets

    With Janette Brand Miller, S. Boyd Eaton, Neil Mann, Susanne H.A. Holt, and John D. Speth, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2000;71:682–92.

William Cronon

Jared Diamond

  • The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race

    Discover Magazine, May 1987

  • Easter’s End

    Discover Magazine, August 1995

  • The Ends of the World as We Know Them

    New York Times, 1 January 2005

  • Ecological Collapses of Pre-industrial Societies

    Tanner Lecture on Human Values, delivered at Stanford University, May 22–24, 2000

Robin Dunbar

Thomas J. Elpel

  • The Art of Nothing

  • Quest for Freedom

  • Primitive Living Skills as Metaphor

  • Tire Sandals

  • The Atlatl and Dart

  • Nature as Wallpaper

Malcolm Gladwell

Chellis Glendinning

John Michael Greer

  • A Theory of Catabolic Collapse

  • The Coming of Deindustrial Society: A Practical Response

Garrett Hardin

  • The Tragedy of the Commons

    Science, vol 162, 13 December 1968, 1243-1248

Richard Heinberg

  • The Primitivist Critique of Civilization

    Presented at the 24th annual meeting of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations at Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, June 15, 1995.

  • Catastrophe, Collective Trauma, & the Origin of Civilisation

    Originally published in two parts, New Darn Magazine, no. 55 & 56, July-August 1999 & September-October 1999

  • We Need a New Myth

    Acres USA, March 2007

Toby Hemenway

Russell Hopfenberg

Derrick Jensen

William Koetke

Elizabeth Kolbert

  • The Climate of Man, Part I: How the Earth is Changing

    The New Yorker, April 25, 2005, p. 56

  • The Climate of Man, Part II: The Curse of Akkad

    The New Yorker, May 2, 2005, p. 64

  • The Climate of Man, Part III: What Can Be Done?

    The New Yorker, May 9, 2005, p. 52

Brent Ladd

Richard Borshay Lee

Jean Liedloff

  • The Continuum Concept

    Excerpt from The Continuum Concept (Addison Wesley Publishing Company, 1986)

  • Allowing Human Nature to Work Successfully

    Touch the Future Magazine, Fall 1998

  • Normal Neurotics Like Us

    Mothering Magazine, Fall 1991

Richard Louv

Charles C. Mann

Richard Manning

Lackson T. Marufu

  • The 2003 North American electrical blackout: An accidental experiment in atmospheric chemistry

    With Brett F. Taubman, Bryan Bloomer, Charles A. Piety, Bruce G. Doddridge, Jeffrey W. Stehr, and Russell R. Dickerson, Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 31, 2004

John M. Marzluff & Tony Angell

Mark Meritt

  • The Origins and Unsustainability of Socioeconomic Increase

    Master’s Thesis

Daniel Quinn

Theodore Roszak

William Ruddiman

Marshall Sahlins

  • The Original Affluent Society

    Excerpt from Stone Age Economics

  • Poor Man, Rich Man, Big Man, Chief: Political Types in Melanesia and Polynesia

    Comparative Studies in Society and History, vol. 5, no. 3, April 1963, pp. 285-303

Kirkpatrick Sale

Wolfgang M. Schleidt & Michael D. Shalter

  • Co-evolution of Humans and Canids: An Alternative View of Dog Domestication

    Evolution and Cognition, vol. 9, no. 1, 2003, pp. 57-72

Paul Shepard

Joe Sheridan & Roronhiakewen Dan Longboat

  • The Haudenosaunee Imagination and the Ecology of the Sacred

    Space and Culture, vol. 9, no. 4, November 2006, 365-381

E. Richard Sorenson

Joseph Tainter

Jeff Vail

  • Forward, to Rhizome

    Chapter 9 of A Theory of Power

  • The New Map: Terrorism and the Decline of the Nation-State in a Post-Cartesian World

Curtis White

E.O. Wilson

  • Is Humanity Suicidal?

    New York Times Magazine, May 30 1993

  • Living in Shimmering Disequilibrium

    Interview by Fred Branfman, Salon, April 22, 2000

  • Arousing Biophilia: A Conversation with E.O. Wilson

    Orion Magazine, Winter 1991

Michael Winkelman

  • Shamanism as Neurotheology and Evolutionary Psychology

    American Behavioral Scientist, vol. 45, no. 12, August 2002, pp. 1873-1885

Robert Wolff

John Zerzan

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